Great Online Dating Profiles

With the amazing increase in use of online dating sites the past years, the competition between suitors is also getting stronger. We go through the important steps to consider when creating an attractive online dating profile on

Free Dating Sites vs Pay Sites

We tested free dating sites and compared them to pay sites, to see what the big differences are. This test is from the male user point of view, but there are some important points from the female point of view as well. Read our conclusions and advice here.

Tinder Review


When people discuss online dating, Tinder is something that is mentioned pretty early on. Many people around the world have tried or used Tinder and some have had a positive experience. With that said, others have been completely frustrated with swiping and not seeing results. Just how good is the app for actual dating? Here is a full dating app review on Tinder, and how it is viewed today.

Badoo Review


Badoo is a very popular online dating site that was launched by Andrey Andreev, a Russian businessman in 2006. It was designed as a social discovery platform where users can find people they would like to connect with. The service was launched just when Facebook was blowing up and its use of Facebook quizzes and games paid off in a huge way that by 2012, Badoo was a self-standing dating service.

Dateme1st Review

(4.6) is our second most recommended dating site. We had a great response rate from girls in the locations we tested and you can try the site for free. Great option if you are looking for casual dating, meeting girls, sharing pictures or even a relationship. The girls we talked with were serious and knew what they wanted in a mate.

Dateme1st does not have adult content, but is 18+

Foxyadult Review

(4.7) is our most recommended dating site. If you are looking for adult dating, casual dating, online chat or to meet girls near your location for serious dating and relationship. This is the site for you. The response rate from girls on the site is very high and it is totally free to sign up and test all functions.

Foxyadult is 18+ and does have some adult content.